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Summer/Fall Workshops
Between Saturday, August 16 and Saturday, September 27, 2014
Consult the Workshops link for specific dates, places, and the Summer/Fall Workshop Registration Form
Registration Incentive Deadline OCTOBER 1, 2014 (10% off first order of curriculum and study materials for members only)
Regular Registration Deadline NOVEMBER 3, 2014 (Last postmark day to receive membership forms without a $25 additional fee thereafter)
Final Registration  Deadline DECEMBER 15, 2014 (DEADLINE for all memberships for the 2014-2015 school year.  (PARTICIPATION SELECTION OF EVENTS MAY BE ADDED THROUGH JANUARY 15, 2015.)
District & Area Meets Between Friday, February 13 and Saturday, March 28, 2015

Consult the Districts & Areas pages for specific dates

“A” State Meet May 2, 2015 at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth
“AA” State Meet April 25, 2015 at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth 
One-Act Play State Meet May 9, 2014 at Brentwood Christian School in Austin
Last updated October 30, 2014


Comments and questions may be addressed to the Executive Director.

SPELLING CORRECTION:  The word “elbowroom” on the Grade 2/3 Spelling List for 2014-2015 should be “elbow room” with a space between elbow and room
MUSIC MEMORY CORRECTION:  References to Háry János Suite: “Viennese Musical Clock” by Kodály are corrected to include accent marks.  This page is missing from the Teacher Guide.  Please use page 52 from the Music Memory Student Handbook as a replacement.
MUSIC MEMORY CORRECTION: • Page 34 in the Student Handbook and page 98 in the Teacher Guide, the death date of Telemann should be 1767.
• The word “fugue” should not have quotation marks on page 16.  The listing on the Official List is correct.
Contestants will receive awards as indicated below:
1st Place: Kailey Miller (grade 6) Calvary Christian School, Harlingen
2nd Place: Sheila Begnaud
(grade 6) Aristoi Classical Academy, Katy
3rd Place: Mariana Valdivia
(grade 6) Our Lady of Victory Catholic School, Victoria


1st place:  Gold Medal, T-Shirt, and $10 in PSIA logo merchandise

2nd place:  Silver Medal and a T-Shirt

3rd place:  Bronze Medal and a T-Shirt

Honorable Mention:  Ribbon and a T-Shirt



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2014-2015 OAP Approved Play List