Districts and Areas

How Districts are Configured

Each school falls into one of two classifications, according to the average enrollment of students in grades 1 through 8: “AA” schools have an average grade level enrollment of 26 students or more; “A” schools have an average enrollment of 25 or fewer students. Homeschools can choose to compete with “AA” or “A” schools.  An enrollment in grades 1-8 of 200 or fewer would classify a school as “A.”  A campus enrollment of 201 or more would classify a school as “AA.” (Some flexibility in accordance with location or other factors may be considered on an individual basis.

A PSIA District consists of a maximum of EIGHT schools (or the equivalent thereof), plus homeschools or individuals from non-participating private schools in the area who also wish to participate.  In areas of the state where fewer private schools exist, five or six schools may constitute a district. It is important for each school to select the district in which their group wishes to compete upon registration into PSIA, and it is important to note that enrollment in the district of a school’s choice is on a first-enrollment-received basis (Membership Participation Form signed and received in the state office), so it is not guaranteed that schools will be enrolled in the same districts in which they were enrolled in the previous school year.  The PSIA Executive Director assigns schools to Districts according to geographic location and “AA/A” classification, if a district number is not placed on the Membership/Participation Form.


The criteria for advancing to the state level of competition is specified in the ENTRY and ADVANCING TO STATE portions of “Instructions for the Contestant” sections for each contest.  These instructions are found in the current year’s PSIA Academic Handbookand on this website in the “Contests” section in alphabetical order according to contest title. (Events with fewer than three competitors at a grade level or in a combined grade level event cannot have an individual advance to State.  NOTE that there must be FOUR students competing in a grade level in Creative Writing 1 and 2, Mathematics 2 and 3,  and Storytelling 1, 2, and 3 for ONE to advance to State.)

One-Act Play Areas

One-Act Play Areas are determined by first registrants’ selection alone, with no “AA” or “A” classifications.


One play from each of 6 Area Meets advances to the State Meet at North Central Texas Colleges Center for the Performing Arts (NCTC) in Gainesville on TBD, 2021.  Six plays compete at State.

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