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All forms are Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

General Info & Registration back to top

Print out our PSIA Brochure Brief and distribute it among teachers, students, parents, and volunteers. Direct all interested parties to this web site for more information. Generate as much interest as you can. The more people who participate, the more successful and exciting the tournament becomes.

2020-2021  Membership Form
Enroll in PSIA or continue membership for another year.
WORKSHOPS Workshops cannot be held in person this year; however, we welcome you to share our YouTube Updates with your teachers, parents, and students:

YouTube PSIA UPDATE Video YouTube Video Workshop 2

Receive information and resources you need to prepare for successful academic competition.

Contest Materials back to top

The bound, printed PSIA Academic Handbook is provided to each member school each year.  The Handbook includes information about every aspect of the tournament.

21 Rules for ALL Participants 
IMPORTANT INFORMATION for all contest directors, coaches, students, and interested parents, which should be read and followed well in advance of the District Meet.
21 Conflict Pattern 
This is the mandatory schedule of events at District and State Meets.
21 Promo Order Form 
PSIA official logo merchandise, purple ink pens, pencils, decals, backpacks, etc.

Study Materials back to top

21 Study Order Form 
Materials include handbooks for specific events, Spelling Word Lists, etc.
21 Test Packet Order  
Each packet (one for each event) contains the four objective tests (with keys) used at the District and State Meets of the previous two years. (Tests from two earlier years are also available.)