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                               Music Memory official source
Tune  )
Art Memory official source (  Nystrom Desk Atlas )
Nystrom Desk Atlas for Maps, Graphs, & Charts Contest
(2014 or NEWER edition.  The 2016 edition is currently offered.)
Merriam-Webster Collegiate  )
For Dictionary Skills, Spelling, and Vocabulary Contests
(11th edition – 2012 printing or newer)
                             Academic Meet  )
                             incorporating the former “Dr. Numsen’s Number Sense” site

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                  Number Sense & Mathematics

  ASW  )
 “Your Key to Spelling Preparation”
  HEXCO  )
  Dictionary Skills, Maps, Graphs and Charts, and Spelling practice materials                                               
bot logo-blue      BEST OF TEXAS Contests and Apps ( ) Web and phone applications for Maps and Spelling.             
                                            RAM MATERIALS (Website :  Email address:
                                   Resources for Mathematics and Number Sense
                                            Texas Education Theater  )
                                           One-Act Play resources

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