Subjective Events

Judged Compositions and Productions

At a Glance

19 Storytelling Instructions.  Grades:12345678


Contestants hear a story that they retell for their audience in their own words. This activity encourages the use of recall and also allows young students to bring their own expression and insight to the story.

Prose/Poetry Interpretation
19 Prose InstructionsGrades:1234567-8*


Students select, prepare, and read a literary poetry or prose selection, with introduction, within a six-minute time limit. Presentations are evaluated on aspects of performance, such as appropriateness of selection, introduction, control of presentation, and overall effectiveness. The focus of the contest (poetry versus prose) alternates each year:  POETRY in 2018, PROSE IN 2019, POETRY in 2020, et ceteraGrade levels 7 and 8 are combined for competition.

Impromptu Speaking
19 Impromptu Speaking InstructionsGrades:1234567-8*


Students are challenged to think quickly and communicate effectively. They organize their thoughts on a topic for three minutes, then speak for five or fewer minutes without notes.

*Grade levels compete together.

Modern Oratory
19 Modern Oratory Instructions.   Grades:1234567-8*


A challenge in writing and speaking, students prepare a short speech to examine the pros and cons of an issue (choice of 5 topics) and defend their points of view, incorporating a variety of speech and language arts skills.

*Grade levels compete together.

Creating Writing




19 Creative Writing Instructions

This event is designed to promote creativity and encourage writing skills at an early age. Using a prompt of several pictures, students have 30 minutes to create an original story based on the pictures.

Ready Writing
19 Ready Writing InstructionsGrades:12345678


This event brings challenge for the gifted writer. Students are given a choice between two prompts. Each prompt defines the audience and provides the purpose for writing. Time limits vary by grade level.

On-Site Drawing
19 On-Site Drawing InstructionsGrades:12345678


Using a display still life model consisting of from 4 to 7 objects, contestants produce a rendering on regular drawing paper using any drawing media. Contestants have 45 minutes at the contest site to produce their work of art to be judged by qualified artists and displayed in an art show during the remainder of the tournament day.

One-Act Play

19 OAP Rules +Play Title Registration Form



Students draw upon a wide range of skills as they work together to perform an original or published drama under time and set limitations.
2018-2019 OAP Approved List (The List of Approved Long Plays for 2018-2019 is found in the Appendix of the One-Act Play Handbook)

*Grade levels compete together.