Schools are classified according to their average enrollment per grade. Larger schools with an average of 25 or more students per grade are classified as "AA". Smaller schools with less than 25 students per grade are classified as "A".
Class "A":
$295 per year
Class "AA":
$345 per year
$50 per year
Participation fees are paid per contest regardless of grade level.
$50 per contest (maximum of $745)
District Entry Fees
Fees for district competition are paid directly to the District Meet host (not the PSIA State Office). Districts are allowed to set their own entry fees up to $12.00 per entry. Additionally, some districts charge a Technology Fee for the use of the meet management program AMC.
State Entry Fees
Fees for state competition are paid the PSIA State Office. These fees are used to defray the cost of the facility, the materials, for paid speech judges, and other costs associated with running the meet. Fees are $18.00 per entry.